In Pressburg Mint, we believe coins aren't just about their financial value or aesthetics, coins and medallions can also be message carriers.


That's why we strive to bring new innovative, thoughtful ideas and designs for our coins and medallions.


Making sure every step of the minting process is done with the utmost care and precision is absolutely crucial in creating highest quality specimens.


The use of high-quality LBMA Good Delivery coin blanks is a standard practice.


We use coin blanks with the nominal weight of 31.31g

The purity of the blanks ranges from 9991/10000 to 9995/10000 

The coin blanks are thoroughly inspected using a state of the art optical inspection system to ensure the highest quality standard.


The difference between "Proof-Like" and "Bullion"

We constantly improve our production technology to bring you stunning coins and medallions of a high quality standard.

We also understand that some of you purchase coins solely for their financial value.

This is why we offer our coins and medallions in two distinct qualitative types and price ranges.


Bullion coins and medallions are the cheaper option. These coins and medallions undergo a simpler minting process, lowering manufacturing costs and therefore the final price of the product. These are primarily offered to investors who want the best price, regardless of the aesthetics.


Proof-Like (also known as Brilliant Uncirculated) coins and medallions have a mirror surface finish, the relief details are clearer, resulting in the best visual appearance possible. Brilliant Uncirculated coins and medallions are offered for collectors and customers purchasing coins and medallions for their artistic and numismatic value.

The silver content and purity are exactly the same, the difference is solely visual.