1oz FINE SILVER 999+/1000


Equilibrium 2020

The Equilibrium series started in 2018 and is focused on acknowledging the importance of balance.


The 2020 release aims to highlight need for balance between human “hand made” work and automatization and robotics. Machines are taking away some jobs, but also creating new ones. This coin symbolizes the idea of the need for this co-operation to take place in a balanced way so that human kind could appreciate both the uniqueness of hand made production and effectiveness and productivity of automated machines.

Limited mintages




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Equilibrium 2020 - 1oz 999 Silver

  • Obverse: “ELIZABETH II”, “TOKELAU”, “1oz Fine Silver 999”, “Divided year of Issue 2020”, Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, textures.

    Reverse: “EQUILIBRIUM”, “5 DOLLARS”, Yin-Yang symbol, Human hand and robotic hand, textures. Divided year of issue is one of the distinguishing features of a historical Pressburg Mint

  • Silver Content (Troy oz)          1

    Fineness (% purity)                 999+/1000

    Weight (g)                               31.31 (±0.1)

    Diameter (mm)                        38

    Thickness (mm)                        2.8



    Bullion: 20 000 pcs

    Prooflike: 10 000 pcs

    Nominal/Face value: 5 NZD