1oz FINE SILVER 999/1000




“Where words fail, music speaks.” 

― Hans Christian Andersen


Vivat Humanitas series point out the idea of humanity that keeps on advancing and delivers impressive achievements despite all conflicts and differences. In this issue we are celebrating music as the universal and unique language of mankind.

999/1000 PURE SILVER

The coin is minted using LBMA-certified 1oz 999/1000 silver blanks, undergoing a thorough cleaning process before striking.

Vivat Humanitas 2021 Bullion - 1oz 999 Silver

  • Obverse: “ELIZABETH II”, “TOKELAU”, “Ag 999”, “1oz”, Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, stylized keyboard, music syllabus, soundwave, various small musical symbols, textures

    Reverse: “VIVAT HUMANITAS” (lat. Long live humanity”), “2021”, “$5”, stylized clef,  music syllabus, large musical symbols: Eighth note, Common time, Chord, Coda, various small musical symbols, vinyl record grooves, textures

  • Nominal Weight (Troy oz)                 1

    Real Weight (g)                                  31,3+

    Fineness (% purity)                            999+/1000

    Diameter (mm)                                  38

    Thickness (mm)                                 2.8


    Proof-Like:                                         7 500 pcs

    Bullion:                                              30 000 pcs

    Issuing Year:                                      2021

    Face value:  5 NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS